Hello and welcome to Aviary Arts Waterfowl and Fine Art Taxidermy Studio. Here at Aviary Arts I strive to give you the  best Birds and quality of service you will find anywhere. Not only is each piece an original work of art the birds are hand raised and picked at the peak of perfection both in color and feather condition. If you are tired of spending money and getting birds that look like they have been run through the dryer then give me a try. I care for each work of art as if it where my own right down to custom crating and shipping. I insure each crate for the amount of the artwork inside plus shipping charge to ensure you will receive a damage free piece.

The pictures to the right are some of the pieces I have done for E-Bay and special orders received from clients. Click on any picture for a larger version so you can see the detail that goes into every piece! As you can see I take my time with every bird and do not distinguish the difference between Commercial, Wholesale, or Competition work. If I learn a new technique to improve the look of my work I immediately pass this along to you. There is no bigger deception than a showroom filled with ribbons only to get back a piece considered by the artist to be a wholesale piece, and in essence less than his/her best efforts!

I often get asked ,"how can I distinguish the difference you are speaking of?" Well quite often it is very difficult to determine the quality of a particular piece based on a very small picture or a poorly taken picture. I try to take studio quality photos and offer enlargements so you can clearly see individual feather patterns, grooming, colors etc. If you are truly interested in getting the best artwork money can buy and not just the cheapest give me a try I guarantee your satisfaction.

Lets say you are interested in a Wood Duck Drake standing on a stump, go to Google and pull up several pictures of a standing bird and pay close attention to the feather patterns on him. Most prominent are the head feathers and the side pockets which are the gold black and white feathers on the birds side. Put that picture up against the one you are interested in and see if they are close. I can guarantee that if the feathers are messed up and all over the place it is because care and time were not a factor in finishing that particular piece. If time was not taken to align them properly then you will surely be guaranteed that the skin was not prepared properly and could cause insect damage, or oil stains at a later date.

Although there are always slight differences in a birds attitude in relation to how he holds his feathers you can see by the photos I try and get my birds as close to real life as possible, even around the eyes. I live with these birds day in and day out so I have a real knowledge of each species and there habits!

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Come inside now and take a walk through the farm and see how each bird is raised and the work involved! Click on the picture below to enter!!!



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